Monday, August 2, 2010

Decor: Blog-o-Central

I got a new desk! As part of the "redoing my room before school starts" that never really happened (oops - who's surprised?) I went furniture shopping for a new desk. Mine was an old family... well, "heirloom" is definitely far too strong a word. More accurately, it needed a home and I needed a desk. Technically it was a vanity from an old bedroom set; its partners had long since abandoned it, and so the poor thing had sort of floated about for a few years until I found a use for it. The paint was chipped, the wood was warped from too many summers and spilled glasses of water, and the drawer of it has been stuck closed since I was, oh, seventeen. I finally decided that, if nothing else, this summer I would replace that sucker for good.

Speaking of replacing, here's my new laptop! As I mentioned earlier, a few weeks ago my old one finally bit the bullet and sailed on off to Laptop Heaven, that big motherboard in the sky. Oh, it was a loyal machine, and put up with a good five years of abuse from yours truly, but finally it had had enough and laid down its arms. That's why I got this sleek little Toshiba in a snazzy dark brown. The shade inspired its name, because I'm that odd of a duck that I have to name everything that's important to me; I call it Chocolat. Between the laptop and the desk, I now have a nice new blog-o-central from which I'll be reporting at least for the next, last, and (for me) only month of summer - at least with my summer class over, I can finally split my times more evenly between work, blogging, and the Project of the Summer - details to come! Next step... buy a real desk chair.


  1. That desk wouldn't happen to be from Christmas Tree Shop?

    Because I was looking at one exactly like that and almost bought it there. :P

  2. Christina: It is! I really love it, there's so much storage space - your Virgo would go wild. You should get one!

  3. so cute and lovely and looks like there are already bits of decoration making an appearance, so sweet.

  4. I really like the desk and I admire how clutter free your blog-o-central is. I am swamped with loads of paper, CDs and random stationary as I type ^_^

  5. finally bit the bullet and sailed on off to Laptop Heaven, that big motherboard in the sky.
    (on off double?)

    I used to have a laptop too, but I decided that a pc would be much more faster and much more room for data! :3



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