Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hiatus hiccup: Daily Outfit 6/9/13

I keep telling myself that I'm done with lolita, don't I? Well, now that I've graduated and am working six days a week, I have more money than usual and evenings with nothing to do but dream of new ways to spend it. It's possible that I'll have a few more of these hiatus hiccups in the next few months - I may even start updating this blog again, but no promises! Anyway, my local lolita group had a meetup last weekend at Olde Mystic Village's international food festival, which is apparently a thing they do but I knew nothing about it (and still know little). It was so nice to get out and see the people I haven't seen in ages, as well as making some new friends, too! Also, being in lolita and sassing the normal folk is something I didn't realize I missed doing.

lolita steampunk warrior princess outfit headshot!

This outfit's theme became "Steampunk lolita warrior princess" somehow. Here's what happened: I went to Remi's house, complained that I had nothing to wear, she threw things at me until I stopped crying, and then I stole accessories off her vanity while she wasn't looking. I mean, it all has a similar color palate, so that means it matches, right?

full outfit shout of steampunk lolita coordinate

Rundown (spoiler: most of it was stolen from Remi):
♥Crown and skirt: Handmade by Remi
♥Cutsew: L'est Rose (old Gyaru brand, I believe?)
♥Gas mask, rose clip, and belt: pilfered from Remi
♥Fawn tights: Ophanim Gothique
♥Boots: Forever 21 (aaaages ago)
♥Purse: Gift

steampunk gas mask closeup

See, here's the thing with my lolita wardrobe. I'm totally uninterested in it now. I never got around to selling off the bulk of it, because I hate posting it all online; I'm going to try and get to a swap meet at some point and throw it at other people, but for now I'm stuck with a whole bunch of clothes I don't want and a far too stubborn disposition to buy new ones until the old ones are gone. Therefore, I reeeeeally like dressing up in the summertime, when my good friend Remi is only a few towns over (as opposed to 2 hours away at school). Remi has a fabulous, fierce style; crazy sewing skills; and just enough patience to allow me to play dress-up in her closet every so often. It works out amazingly for me, and I'd like to believe that I bring to our friendship... well, I'm sure there's something...


pirate lolita and classic steampunk lolita being adorable!

We tried to take a group photo at one point. They all ended miserable because we were too busy being idiots. Here is a photo of all of us making those weird kitty-paw-faces:
CT lolita meet up group photo from Mystic CT

And um also I ate. A lot. Well not necessarily a lot, just... very animatedly. I just really enjoyed this sandwich. I have no regrets; it was an excellent sandwich. Pretty sure I was only aware of the camera for the first photo, the rest just... happened.

miss lumpy eats a sandwich and it's awesome

So, despite the fact that the humidity did hilarious things to my hair, I wore almost none of my own clothing, and we didn't arrive until 3 (IT WASN'T MY FAULT I SWEAR ;o; ), I had such a lovely afternoon! It really reminded me what I loved about lolita in the first place: that the fashion is really an amazing gateway for meeting like-minded people who are wonderful to be around and really just all-around sweetie pies.

Also, I got to wear a leather gas mask and Sleeping Beauty crown out in public at the same time. How many people can make THAT boast in good faith?!

See you next time!

And who knows, "next time" might be sooner than either of us planned!


Carol made me this gif of me shakin' my fluffy little rufflebutt! I love it so- I've never been a gif before!
steampunk lolita gif of booty shaking glory
Shake that bustle!


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