About Miss Lumpy

Her Lumpiness is an alternative fashion and lifestyle blog written by Aly Buttons, who also goes by Miss Lumpy. She is 24 years old and blogs mostly from her apartment in Connecticut, when she isn't writing about marketing and software for money. She started out on Wordpress in 2008 but has since switched over the content she still likes to Blogspot. Her favorite colors are brown and blue, but she has a deep penchant for red, sage, cream, and gray as well. For fashion inspiration, she turns to literature, history, and any alternative fashion she can wedge into her closet (currently: lolita and mori kei, for the most part). She supposes you would consider her a lifestyle lolita or something, but mostly she just considers herself a huge hippie who lives her life in a way that ~speaks to her soul~. You're most likely to find her at an internet-enabled device of some denomination, wandering her new favorite city, or drinking tea by candlelight, pretending to be in a Victorian novel.

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