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Miss Lumpy's Holiday Gift Guide for the Lolitas in Your Life

Compilation of gift guide images for classic, gothic, and sweet lolita fashion
When did the holiday season happen?? I feel like I'm still in recovery mode from all the events of the fall, and at some point between naps and cups of spiked cocoa (maybe there's the problem?) we quietly transitioned from fiery foliage to pine trees and presents. As someone who considers herself casually Pagan, the holiday season really gets on my nerves- so much commercialism, so little respect for where mainstream holiday traditions come from. However, while I may not buy into the holiday spirit, I do enjoy giving gifts.

Problem is, I'm typically too broke to actually buy anything (sigh, travel/student loans/adulthood), particularly for those outside my immediate family, so I end up doing a lot of agonizingly fruitless window shopping. Is it rude to email people links to the things you WOULD buy them as a present if you could afford to? I imagine it would be, but what do I know? I am but a humble blogger, after all - a perpetual, shameless daydreamer, verily.

Holiday Gifting for Lolita Fashion Enthusiasts

So  this year, I'm taking it out on all of you - you're welcome! If you're worried about the people in your life buying you Milanoo, feel free to send this post, or any of these curated images, to friends/ family members/ lovers/ coworkers/ other people who normal folks buy gifts for if you feel so inclined. If not, sigh dreamily with me at things we may some day be able to afford (to buy for other people, of course). While I do believe that our traditional "style" names like classic and gothic have been blurring for the past few years (and for good reason!), I've still separated these sets out into the traditional Big Three. I think this will make it easier for the uninitiated to choose a gift for the lolitas in their lives that suits their style.

Items in this list range from handmade items on the lower-priced end to some of the most enviable items to ever grace my computer screen (that lariat! those rings!!), and are also all in stock at the (or were upon writing this). They're a combination of brand-name items, indie brand items, and even offbrand picks as well. Whether you're shopping for a Secret Santa, your lolita bestie, or your One True Love, something will surely fit both their opulent tastes and whatever your budget may be. And if you're so inclined to purchase any of these items, for yourself or for others (no judgment!), click on the small images of each item below the collection.

Classic Lolita Holiday Gift Guide

Guide for classic lolita gift ideas, separated by price point

It shouldn't surprise anyone that the classic lolita collection was the easiest and most enjoyable set for me to put together, containing as it is some of the most enviable and heartbreaking items to grace my computer screen in the past twelve months. I made it a point to include some trendier items, like the lace crown, as well as the old classics we've been lusting after for years - rosaries, pearl chain brooches, etc. My favorite of these pieces is the Waterhouse corset - the artisan has an entire line of "art history" corsets, including some glorious art nouveau ones. Judging by today's trends, I'd be surprised if this collection wasn't the most popular with my readers, and with good reason - don't mind me, I'll just be in the corner ugly-crying loudly into my wallet.

Gothic Lolita Holiday Gift Guide

Guide for gothic lolita gift ideas, separated by price point

I'm not sure why, but this was the most difficult set for me to put together. Maybe because the gothic scene is so established, especially outside of lolita - when you first start looking, you get amazingly beautiful pieces for exorbitant amounts or the more affordable ones of questionable quality. And while there are a few wildcards (such as the almost-$200 tentacle ring, or that absurd h.naoto scarf), there are certainly no duds. Gifting any of these pieces to the Gothic Lolita in your life won't send them running back to their crypt in horror (terrible joke, I know - bear with me, I haven't blogged in a while)!

Sweet Lolita Holiday Gift Guide

Guide for sweet lolita gift ideas, separated by price point

As always, I'm all about that indie lifestyle, so as well as a few items from the big brands (because necessary) I made sure to cram in a few Taobao and handmade items as well. It's been interesting to watch how sweet has morphed in the last year or two - it's (finally) gotten away from the babydoll sweet look with childish prints and pastel twin tail wigs and is instead in this really interesting intersection with classic that I am 100% supportive of. That's definitely reflected in this set - while it's certainly whimsical and youthful, I'm fairly certain nothing here looks like it came from the children's section of a local department store!

Dear Readers! Are there any lolitas on your holiday gift lists this year, or will you and your friends just be window shopping as well this year? I'm a little bit embarrassed by how curious I am!

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