Friday, August 27, 2010

Daily Outfit 8/19/10

So, this is what I wore to the hardware store. Now, clearly, I don't look like the kind of lady who frequents hardware stores or enjoys wandering around looking at tools all day, but apparently that was the case to the employees of the particular Lowe's I went to - or rather, the lack of employees, because the three times I actually saw an associate, they were quickly headed the opposite direction! Stefan and I wandered for about an hour just looking for someone to point out where the lumber I needed could be found. Apparently it didn't exist, because we left empty-handed. I guess my homemade folding-screen room divider for school will have to wait - pics to come, if the Universe ever allows me to make it!

  • Cutsew: Forever21
  • Skirt: Lolita Nouveau
  • Jacket: Offbrand
  • Snood & bow hairpin: For Love
  • Sewing kit necklace: Vintage
Have I shown off this necklace before? It's lovely- I got it from a local vintage store fora few dollars. It features an entire sewing kit on a beautiful, chunky chain- thimble, container of needles with screw-top, and even a folded-up pair of scissors, all in a bright gold. You can see it better in this close-up, in which I'm... actually smiling, for once!

Also, say goodbye to old Lumpy - with any luck, by my next photopost, I'll have gotten my hair 'did like I detailed in this post! Wish me luck!!


  1. I love brown coordinates, and you're rocking this one! <3

  2. Good luck dying your hair! I dyed mine the color purple you would get if you combined the red and blue you want. I have dark hair too, it'll be a little difficult and will take a bit of upkeep but it's worth it if you love the color! Rock it out!

  3. hhii~

    i stumbled across you in lj, and i left you a message, but i don't think you go on lj anymore, so i figured i'd say hello here. :P

    i happened across ct on the frills, and i was looking at the map to see if there were any lolitas near me, and on the map it so happened that you lived right down the street from me! kinda crazy!

    i'm not a lolita, but i do really like the style and i love japanese culture in general.

    i just wanted to say hi from one connecticuter(-ian?) to the other. XP

    ps- sorry if this is super creepy!

  4. They must love you at the hardware store! How many people coming in looking adorable??? Not many, I'd bet!



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