Friday, August 13, 2010

Amaranth Opulent Official Store Opening

Amaranth Opulent is a line of eco-friendly, one-of-a-kind jewelry by Miss Lumpy. Drawing inspiration from a slew of alternative fashions such as lolita, mori-girl, and steampunk, Amaranth Opulent is inspired to taking organic, sustainably-harvested materials and combining them with findings purchased from independent businesses to create jewelry of beauty and luxury. Every flower and leaf used in this jewelry has been hand-picked and hand-pressed by Aly herself in a sustainable manner, meaning that the entire plant is not picked so that it can continue to live as an important part of its local ecosystem. Jewelry findings such as bases and chain are purchased solely from either local craft stores or Etsy shops because it is important to us that we support small businesses.Amaranth Opulent is devoted to the idea that the corruption of the world humans have created for ourselves can be purified by combining man-made materials with natural components taken straight from the Earth. The society I've found myself is not one I'm particularly fond of, and I can't be alone; call it escapism, but I've realized that I need to contribute something to the world that reflects the old-worldly, the otherworldly, that anything-but-here. If you like getting lost in the woods, if you notice the flower growing between the sidewalk cracks, if your heart wrenches at the beauty of abandoned buildings covered with vines, Amaranth Opulent was made with you in mind.

Amaranth Opulent on Etsy

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  1. The pieces you've made so far are so elegant! *n*

  2. Oh my gosh, these are the kinds of jewelery I've been looking for :D And they're eco-friendly <3 I'll definitely be purchasing from you soon :D They all look gorgeous!

  3. Wow! I've been looking forward to your store's opening since I saw the link on Lolita Nouveau.

    I didn't realize it was yours though!

    I'm really loving all of your pieces so far ^_^

  4. I think your concept is really beautiful. I love the jewellery, perhaps one day I'll be able to purchase some of it (:

  5. These pieces are beautiful, and eco friendly too! Hopefully I'll be able to buy some of them one day. For now though, I'll just wish you good luck with your store. By the look of the hard work that must have gone into making these, you deserve it :)

  6. The concept for your store is lovely and the pieces are just beautiful. I will definitely be a customer in the future :)



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