Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Current Jams: August

Months like August are always odd ones for me. Any month that comes near the end of a season makes me both impatient for the joy of what's to come (cardigans, beautiful colors, green suede boots) and nostalgic for what has passed - what will I do when I can't stroll outside barefoot at any time of day, almost a sif there's no transition between in-and out-doors except the perpetual breeze? Especially with all the change this month has brought: I'll be starting school next week with my first random roommate (I cheated last year and roomed with an acquaintance who became one of my closest friends - Hi, Tina!) and a new minor; a close friend whom I've loved sporadically but whole-heartedly for the better part of nine years is moving to a different state; I'm leaving what I thought would be a career to focus on academics and my business; some bonds have deepened, some are threatening to fade away like the last summer breeze - satisfyingly beautiful while present, yet even though you know they'll be gone soon, doesn't it always seem too early? That's why the music of August is therefore a little awkward, slightly uncomfortable, as if it can't quite decide whether to look forward to the future or sigh over that past - at least, that's how the month feels for me.

The Verve ~ Bittersweet Symphony

A classic, the lilting, almost sad melody of this song, along with the melancholy yet almost hopeful lyrics make it fitting for August, in that way that makes you almost grit your teeth and purse your lips when you have to admit it.

Iron and Wine ~ Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car

Can I just include a Song of the Shepherd's Dog song in every Current Jams until I run out? As always, Iron&Wine perfectly epitomize "uncomfortably beautiful," and to be honest, if I could I would make this entire post just songs off of this album. The imagery I get of this song is a beautiful bohemian blonde lazing out the passenger side of an 80's Lincoln, the sugar-cookie-colored skin of her arms dappled with sunshine as they commune with the breeze.

Splashdown ~ A Charming Spell

Again, Splashdown is one of those bands that just utterly epitomizes this August feeling. Heady bass and Asiatic-influenced techno music backing lilting, ghostly vocals. How could anything be more perfect for the theme? This particular one may get reposted for October's Current Jams because that's the only time witchcraft is allowed to be discussed in polite society

Also, my lotus tattoo was featured on Say, Dolly! Check out my tattoo story here.


  1. One of my faves! Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve! It is so haunting...

  2. i love Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve too ^^
    i like august, but it's a sad month it's close to end of the summer holidays :(



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