Monday, August 23, 2010

Going Back to School in Style

Now, I try to keep this blog very age-unspecific, because I know that lolitas span all age groups from middle schoolers to mothers. However, today we had the air conditioning at work cranked up to icicle-inducing levels, so despite the mid-70's-with-an-ocean-breeze that was celebrating summer outside, for eight hours all I could think of was fuzzy sweaters and my dorm bed's down comforter and quilts. I've been looking forward to going back to school since my summer class ended - coughNERDcough - but today was a reminder that we only have a few more weeks of summer to endure until I re-enter fall and college, and also that I'm way behind on getting ready to move back! No, I'm not talking about notebooks and flash drives and mechanical pencils - obviously, I got those forever ago - I mean my wardrobe!

Because of my new-found love of Etsy, I've selected as many items as I can from the website to build a perfect autumnal to-buy list that any lolita would be proud to pack for school. For this season, I've decided to find items that mix quirky vintage flair with a warm, mori-style coziness.

Fleur Mori Girl Keychain/Bag Charm

So, non-college-goers or those who aren't heading into autumn, what about the coming season are you squealing over? Tulle and spring florals? Maybe plaid woolen skirts -oh, Catholic school, how I... don't miss you at all. Or maybe the only difference you're looking forward to is thick scarves and microfiber tights inside your smart black pumps and corporate casual skirt suit. Tell me what's setting your heart a-patter with anticipation for whatever your upcoming season is!


  1. Well... as you can imagine... the acorns are perfect for me!

    (lovely blog!)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my site! I do have Etsy but posting on there can be expensive if you post a lot of stuff. I've posted stuff on there and people didn't really show interest. XD. This way-through my blogs I can lower prices even more because it beats the middle man. The only think I need to pay is for paypal.

    If you run across anything on my site that you'd like. I will give you a special price, so please don't be shy and comment/email me.

  3. Wow, thanks for featuring me on the first accessory. :) This is the first feature we at Marionette Atelier has received. Thanks so much! You should see the acorn stuff I will be posting on our Etsy soon.

  4. Hi!
    I just started reading your blog. I love Etsy and I'm obsessed with mori style at the moment, so I loved this post. Unfortunately spring is coming soon where I live, just as I was getting to know my winter scarves and hats again!
    Looking forward to reading more,
    Katie. xx

  5. I love those frames! If I had the cash I would get so many pairs of vintage frames fitted with my prescription. Especially cat eye glasses!



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