Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Katy Perry's Crazy Cute "California Gurls" Video

Now, I'm not a huuuuge Katy Perry fan. She's adorable, and I love that she's so refreshing with her fashion and her look in general; her outfits tend to resemble everything from retro pin-ups sugar-overload-sweet lolita, and her video for her newest single is no exception. I heard the song on the radio and was utterly unimpressed; sure, it's catchy, but the lyrics are boring and I can't relate to them at all, being from clear across the country (is this how people feel when they hear songs about New York City?). Then, I saw the music video. While I still can't say much for the song's actual integrity, I'm definitely warming up to it after seeing the on-screen interpretation, which is Snoop Dogg playing Candyland with Katy Perry as his placemarker. Of course, because this is American pop culture, though, we can't just let Candyland be Candyland and instead it's full of scantily clad women doing choreographed dance and Miss Perry lounging naked on a cloud of cotton candy. However... it's pretty damn adorable either way.

Apparently the idea is that Snoop is some kind of Oz-like ruler of Candyfornia and he's imprisoning all of these California Girls whom Katy Perry has to rescue, and then at the end they storm the castle and with the power of whipped cream-shooting breasts and shaking booties, dethrone him and bury him in the sand. Wut? I know, I know, but it's just so cute! I know most of my viewers tend towards classic lolita like I do, but I figured lolitas would best appreciate this, even non-sweet girls; Candyfornia totally puts Sugary Carnival to shame!


  1. I'm the same as you, I find Katy Perry ok but I'm not a huge fan, and the song isn't particularly great (I'm from the wrong country haha.) But this video is amazing!

  2. I thought if you could get rid of the scantily clad women, less than polite gummy bears and maybe Snoop Dogg you can have a Sweet Lolita dreamland.

    I'm from Cali and I just can't relate to the lyrics, perhaps because I'm a transplant to SoCal?

  3. I haven't watched the video so take this with a grain of salt, but from your description, I wouldn't be able to relate to the song itself much either--and I grew up in SoCal! But then, as a goth girl and and now a loli, I'm not your typical cali girl... ;)
    It does sound like a cute video though, can't deny that.

  4. i love the video well most of it ^^

  5. I agree to this completely :) Katy Perry is always a love/hate relationship to me, but I really enjoy her in this and the concept is fantastic ~

  6. XD I thought the same thing! The music isn't that great, I didn't recognize anybody in the music video, but I still liked it!! Well, not the naked cotton candy cloud portion I guess. but the rest of it was pretty cute!



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