Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Daily Outfit 6/7/10

Dressed up for a brainstorming day with Victoria Suzanne! I have a surprise for all of you, oh yes ♥ I'm hoping to have it ready to reveal by July or so, but it'll definitely be ready at least by the end of the summer
  • Hat: H&M with a blue ribbon tied around it
  • Cutsew: Angelic pretty
  • Skirt: Handmade
  • Socks: Target?
  • Shoes (not shown): Payless

Afterward, I went to hang out with a few old high school friends, one of whom is an amazingly skilled photographer! He showed me around my DSLR, and now I'm confident that I'll be able to use my camera to its full potential - or at least close to it!
If anyone notices the drastic difference in bedroom settings, no, I didn't get my butt into gear and re-paint my room like I said I would. This is the guest room, where I've been retiring to on hot summer nights instead of my bedroom because it has one necessity that mine lacks: a ceiling fan. When we were designing these rooms, I opted for an ornate hanging light instead of a fan... and then the ornate hanging light broke. Clearly I made the wrong choice...


  1. I think the IBC Root Beer bottles on the nightstand make these photos awesome. XD

  2. Very cute outfit, I really like the skirt :)

    Gah the heat, it's horrible. We have a heatwave here right now and getting out is unbearable.

  3. But sleeping in another room can be nice, can't it? You can imagine that you're somewhere/someone else entirely! That's why I love sleeping in my basement on occasion. It feels huge and roomy, like I've stumbled on some sort of abandoned palace to stay the night in!

  4. Makes me want a boater hat even more! <3

  5. You look so sweet here! Love the hat and the details on the blouse ^__^

  6. Lovely coordinate, the skirt is especially cute, I love plaid and it's just adorable in that color. I'm so jealous of your hat! I want a boater hat so much XD I ordered one online but it ended up being a bit floppy, and also got squished in the mail!

  7. Great combination! I love the darker skirt with the lighter top.

  8. Thanks all! Lol, Tina, the bottles are from my brother - technically the guest room is "his room," but since he lives in Harlem, it doesn't get much use. He actually brews and bottles his own beers, so whenever anyone in the family finishes a dark-colored bottle of anything, we leave it in there for him.

    @Rebecca: It's funny you mention that, because my bedroom used to be in the basement! When my family moved into our house, there weren't enough bedrooms for all of us, so my brother, cousin, and I divided the basement into three separate rooms. Even though we've remodeled the house and have plenty of rooms now, the basement is still my favorite place to sleep.

    @Caro-chan: I actually got the boater at H&M! It was only like $10 too- I hadn't been able to find them locally, but the one in NYC near Bryant Park had a bunch in stock.

  9. What a lovely outfit. So cute!



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