Thursday, June 24, 2010

Current Jams: June

Oh noooo! An out of schedule post! Well, consider this one a freebie ♥

So I'm thinking of adding a monthly segment, at the end of the month, of the music that has really inspired me for the past thirty-odd days. Here's the first installment - let me know what you think!

Iron and Wine - Boy with a Coin
This entire post should really be Iron and Wine, because after buying their album The Shepard's Dog (bestbestbest ever), it's pretty much all I've been listening too. That being said, this has always been my favorite song on this album. I first discovered Iron & Wine at the hippie tearoom I worked at, and this song has haunted me ever since Soul of the World closed. I finally caved and bought the CD. Best idea ever.

Emilie Simon - Dame de Lotus
Emilie Simon is relatively well-known amongst lolitas, I would say. I've always loved this song, especially because of my lotus tattoo. I love that Simon and I found profundity in the same ancient, moderately obscure Buddhist symbolism :)

The Archer - Splashdown
This is another perpetual favorite of mine. Splashdown is one of those bands that I can never seem to get enough of. Their songs are all so detailed, from interesting, symbolic lyrics to multiple levels of musical production. This song is particularly beautiful, and suits the sleepy peacefulness of early summer at twilight to me.

What have you guys been listening to lately?


  1. Yay, I'm first to post! Unless someone else slips in there before me. I'm listening to the second one now, but I wanted to say I really love that first song! Tis very gently haunting indeed.
    What am I listening to? Well, I've always been partial to symphonic metal and Japanese music. Particularly (from the former genre) Leaves' Eyes and Within Temptation and (from the latter) Versailles and Kanon Wakeshima. ^^

  2. Oh Splashdown is amazing. I have loved them for years and still have them on my Zune. I really love to belt out their songs when I am driving in the car.

  3. Boy with a Coin I saw on IMF and have been in love every since. :)

  4. That Iron & Wine video is so awesome. A friend showed it to me a while ago because she was of Spanish heritage and really into flamenco dancers. They are very enchanting to watch!

    New favorite band and fun, uplifting, summer-y music: Vampire Weekend.

  5. Oh yes do make it a monthly segment, these songs are really nice!! Lately I 've been listening to Karen Elson (awesome!) and Lisa Mitchell mostly.



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