Friday, June 25, 2010

Daily Outfit 6/20/10

My boyfriend's birthday is this week! Since he took the whole week off, we've decided to have as many celebration days as we can. Sunday was the first one: I took him to one of my favorite places in the world, Mitsuwa Marketplace, for lunch and shopping. Unfortunately, I'm having some car trouble and didn't want to risk the almost-two-hour trek, so he ended up driving after all. I bought us treats when we got there, though!

  • Blouse: Angelic Pretty (all washed out! :[ )
  • Skirt: Bodyline (hard to tell from these photos, but it's actually black with teeny white polka dots)
  • Socks: Angelic Pretty
  • Shoes: an*tai*na
  • Hat: H&M
  • Underskirt: added after pictures were taken, black Metamorphose with lace trim
I always underestimate how short this skirt is! I threw on a black lace Meta skirt after the pictures were taken, but didn't have the heart to make Stefan take another set of pictures, so you'll just have to pretend!
The heat was horrific - 91 degrees Fahrenheit with a crapload of humidity. I find, though, that as far as going-out clothes go, lolita isn't any warmer or cooler than my other clothes are. I went to school with a relatively rigid dresscode that said we couldn't show our shoulders or wear anything shorter than two to four inches above the knee, which really rubbed off on me. Even today I'm not comfortable with baring those areas of my body, so I just sort of sigh longingly when I see other girls traipsing about in cool-looking tanktops and shorts. I figure, if I'm going to be covering myself this much anyway, I may as well do it with lolita!

Also, I just got my Tea Party knockoffs!! I bought them from Qutieland, and while I probably paid too much for them, it was worth it to be able to communicate directly with the company I was buying it from, as opposed to going through a shopping service and a site like TaoBao. They're a little tight on me because I am horrid at European sizing (note to self: 42, not 41 next time!) but even with that I can tell once I break them in a little I'll be abusing them like crazy. Review to come!

Heads up! My giveaway is closing on Monday! If you haven't entered yet, gogogo!!


  1. Since I stared reading your blog I always thought you looked vaguely familiar. I've finally figured out where that sense of recognition came from after paging through vol. 34 of Gothic&Lolita Bible. You remind me of the model Kazumi Horisawa, featured in a Victorian Maiden editorial. You're both so stunning and I swear you have the same coy look on your face in the photos above as she does in the editorial. Sorry for such a long comment; I'm just excited to share my revelation!

  2. Pretty lady =] When I looked I thought that was the same skirt Victoria has from Forever 21!

  3. So cute! The skirt is lovely! I know what you mean. The weather gets worse and worse and I have to go to work in long pants hahhha. So jealous of people in shorts!

  4. Such a cute outfit. I especially love the skirt, it's so pretty. Polka dots just cannot go wrong.

    I also gave you a blog award, check it out here if you want :)

  5. This skirt looks so much better in person; the photos don't do it justice!

  6. Oh that's lovely that you get to spend the whole week together! I love your outfit too, especially the hat!



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