Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Daily Outfit 5/27/10

So this one is a bit of a cheat. Technically, this IS what I wore to a little birthday picnic with friends, but I was gallivanting about the city all day and then we got caught in a thunderstorm (!!! though we weren't exactly surprised). So... I cheated. I re-dressed up in the same outfit today so that I could document it. Please forgive me for lying to you, my dearest readers! I didn't mind getting all gussied up again, though, because this is probably my dream outfit ♥♥♥
  • Bonnet: Ophanim Gothique
  • Hairbow: BABY, the Stars Shine Bright
  • Necklace: Lolitas N Cream
  • JSK & Overdress: I Do Declare
  • Socks: Angelic Pretty (technically I started the day with BABY L'Oiseau socks, but I bought these when we went to Tokyo Rebel so I tossed them on)
  • Boots: Bodyline
I tried something kind of unusual with the bonnet. It was very hot that day, my guess being in the upper 80's (you laugh, California, but I'm a spoiled little Yankee!), so I didn't want the ribbon to chafe under my chin. Instead, I tied it behind my head and for added stability I used this BtSSB headbow. I had the bonnet made very simplistically so that I could have the freedom to do something like this to dress it up or down - I think the pearls, gem, and charms on the bow help make it more dynamic without being over-the-top.

Also, look at that! I think this is the first time you guys have seen my bedroom! Don't get used to it, though - I'm going to be repainting it (hopefully) this summer... I'm currently planning on a light seafoam-y blue with minty-sage green accents.


  1. :D It looks great! I really love the bow on the bonnet. And I just can't get over how pretty that dress is! The bonnet looks great tied behind your head. I never thought of doing it that way!

    I've been toying with ways to stabilize bonnets, the bonnet I was wearing at AB had a comb in it that did absolutely nothing put pull my hair and give me an actual headache. I ended up ripping the comb out a few hours into wearing it it hurt so much. Until I figure something out, I just walk as upright as I can XD

    Do you mind if I snag one of these, like the second outfit shot, for my Ophanim blog? Linking you of course!

  2. Haha, the bow actually helped a lot more than I expected it to! I can see how a comb would be annoying... I wonder if you could attach barrettes or maybe do some kind of wiring in the main body of the bonnet to try to make it a little tighter?

    And that's fine with me~!

  3. You look marvellous! I love the Regency touch of this outfit, and it suits you so incredibly well!

  4. Wow, this outfit is simply gorgeous, and of course the bonnet is fantastic!
    The I Do Declare (hehe IDD? Like AatP? x3) dress set is amazing as well, Kelsey always does such great work, and I think this dress suits you so much (as does the color blue!)

  5. i love the boots and ur bonnet ^^ i love all of your outfit actually ^^

    thank you for visiting too I really appreciate it ^^

  6. ADORABLE~! I reaaaaaaly love the Bonnet Caro-chan made! UGH. . I am SO commissioning her!

  7. wow!you look so stunning! the bonnet is super kawaii to!



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