Monday, June 7, 2010

100 Followers and 5,000 Views on Blogspot Giveaway!

I really loved blogging with Wordpress. It's a great, content-oriented platform, and it's so convenient that sometimes I wish I was still on it. However, the main reason I left it for Blogger and the reason I'm still here is because of the community of it; I love the "follow" option. I love being able to link to the blogs I'm following directly from my main page. I love being able to see the content being produced by people who like my work by looking at the blogs linked on the profiles of my followers. It's great, and the switch has been worth it to me.

It looks like it's been worth it to all of you, too! In the just-over two months since I switched platforms, I am proud to announce that I have just passed 100 Followers and 5,000 views!! Yaaaaay!! Thank you all so much - it's for you guys that I'm doing this, and it's great to see that it's being viewed and appreciated by everyone. That's why I decided that it's time for me to give back to all of you!

I've put together this sweet little giveaway, filled with fun things that I've featured or talked about in the posts I switched over from Wordpress or the original content I've generated for Her Lumpiness. The gift basket includes:

♥A tin of my favorite tea by Harney & Sons
♥A screen-printed T-shirt from my favorite local label, I Do Declare
♥A $15 discount voucher for Ophanim, the maker of my custom buckram bonnet
♥A level one Lolita Survival Kit
♥A set of false lashes
♥A handmade Valentine-style postcard from me

Around $40 worth of goods can be yours for the affordable price of, well, free! So, how do you win? That's simple too - all you have to do is link back to *this post* in up to any three locations of your choice, meaning you can repost it once, twice, or three times, but no more! It can be your personal blog, a Facebook status, a tweet on Twitter, tumbling it via Tumblr, or anything else you can think of. I do ask, however, that you don't spam the main lolita communities - I don't need the mods getting upset with me! Any posts to egl or any of its subsidiaries will not count as a submission. If you wanted to add a tasteful link at the bottom of, say, an outfit post on daily_lolita or something along those lines, that would be acceptable, though! Then, all you have to do is comment on this post with proof of your link (in the case of protected Facebook updates or friends-only Livejournal posts, I will accept links to a screenshot of the post including any comments received on it). I'll then tally up the total received and assign every entry a number. The winning entry will be picked via a random number generator. Depending on the amount of interest I receive, I might be interested in doing a few smaller packages as well.

Also, heads up! From now until the end of June, Carolyn is offering a 10% discount to all Lumpian viewers on all Ophanim Gothique purchases on Etsy! Just enter the discount code "HeyBoPeep" at the end of your order and receive 10% off the total excluding shipping. Hurry! The offer expires on July 1st, 2010!

The drawing begins today, now, June 2nd, 2010. It will run for three weeks, and no entries will be accepted after Monday, June 28th. Good luck everyone, and I'm so excited to see who wins!!


  1. Dont take offince to this because its an awesome giveaway, but I know I personal dont have the time or resources (more then a blog and twitter) to post to three places and most giveaways bigger (like $100 worth of things) then this don't make you do that. I think you should do a comment entry or link on your blog and then make others optional. I think if you do that you will get more entrys and more new followers.

  2. @Sophia: Thanks for the feedback! However, what I meant by that is that three is the maximum reposts per contestant, not the minimum. You can post it to one, two, or three resources, whichever you have available to you. I hope that's better, and sorry for the confusion!

    The reason I chose three resources is because I was basing the giveaway on the example Victoria Suzanne set here, because it is a similar dollar amount that is coming from my own pocket, for a similar reason (celebration of followers):

  3. Oh this is so lovely. I will go off and find places to post now!!

  4. This is so nice! Please enter me :)

    Do you need email addresses? I wasn't sure. Mine's izzymott [at] hotmail [dot] com :)
    Thank you!

  5. so into this!!/profile.php?id=1467151890
    Let me know if you cant see it and I'll try and figure out how you can.

  6. please enter me ^^
    I posted on facebook
    print screen here
    blog post here
    and twitter post here
    good luck everyone!!

  7. how cool! love your blog :D
    Is it US only? if not

    none should be F-protected hopefully ^^

  8. Please enter me!

    (FB Screencap)


  9. facebook:!/jedasavill


  10. Enter me please! I don't know that you can see it, BUT I did it on facebook!/?ref=logo
    And twitter, which I have but never post. So this was my first xD
    AND LJ of course

  11. Thank you for hosting this! :>

    I posted here:

    Got myself some Twitter~
    I also made a post on my blog~

    Congrats on the 100 followers!

  13. Congrats girly! I'm so happy for you!!

    I can't resist!

  14. Hey! >D



    links for you.

  16. Congrats on the followers and views! (Might as well enter this thing while I'm at it).!/profile.php?id=100000160135099

    And, the only other place I could think of, my Yahoo status updater:

  17. Hello! I only just started following you today, but I already love your blog. I just started networking so I don't have many places to post this but here is facebook and my blog. But I don't have any followers on my blog yet so if you don't want to count it I understand!

    I hope I linked it properly...

  18. that sounds awsome! ok then:

  19. I've been following your blog for a few weeks now, though just by poking in to look at it every so often via a bookmark. XD But I've posted this link three times now! Facebook screencap.

    I hope I win, haha. I love your blog. <3

  20. Nice giveaway, dear! Please enter me :)!/profile.php?id=531250675

    We have the same layout, btw ^^ (mine on twitter is the chandelier in black)


  21. sounds awesome! i love your blog ^^

  22. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway! Here's where I wrote about it:


  24. Excuse me, what size will the t-shirt be? Is it only available in one size or no? THank you =]

  25. Awesome! Please enter me as well!




  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Nice!~

    Other brazilian girl here! |D I loved the Ophanim Gothique, and your blog n__n

  29. :)

  30. Hello!
    Another brazilian girl here <3

    Thank you for the giveaway <3

  31. I think it's very nice you give a tin of tea. Probably because I love tea. (^-^)

  32. Ah, I... Went a bit overboard on the assonance on my Twitter status xD


  34. I would like to enter!

    I created a tweet on my twitter account, located at:

    I also tumblr-ed it! ^^

    Aaaaand I posted it in my blog.

  35. That is so sweet of you. I always enjoy reading your blog and I agree about what you said about blogspot. That was the reason why I started a blog here too.

    Count me in for the giveaway too please (even though I am so late)

    I tweeted about it here
    and also posted it at my blog's sidebar here

    Have a lovely weekend :)



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