Friday, May 7, 2010

Outing for cupcakes!

Today was struck by the most horrendous craving for cupcakes (I blame the picture in this post, Victoria!!). Normally this is no problem - when I'm home I can just go to Crumbs, which has a convenient location about fifteen minutes from my house, and all is well in the world. HOWEVER, today was different because I am still at school, in an area that has remained largely unexplored despite the fact that I've lived here for two semesters now. Not one to ignore any craving for long, I recruited my darling friend, the ever-sumptuous Kayla, and Google Maps to aid me in my search. Before long (though our journey became much longer than it should have about a mile before arriving due to rush-hour traffic) we found ourselves salivating over the displays at Truffles Bakery. Because this is she and I that we're talking about here, of course we had to get dolled up for the event - me obviously in lolita, and her in a casual rockabilly/pin-up style (Sorry doll, I don't know the terminology here!)
I wore:
  • Cutsew: Angelic Pretty
  • Skirt: Strawberry Cream by Mew
  • Hairbow (can't see it yet again! Same one too): Angelic Pretty
  • Socks: Secret Shop IW replicas
  • Shoes: Bodyline

Our selections even matched our outfits, at least in theory - a raspberry-chocolate cupcake with a lemonade-iced tea for me, and red velvet and cream soda for her.

Kayla models Stewart's Cream Soda. Isn't she gorgeous?! It was also through the course of this afternoon that I convinced her to start her own blog about rockabilly and pin-up fashion and lifestyle - well, confirmed a feeling that she already had herself is a more accurate statement. I'm helping her with the coding and she's still working on content, but once it's up and running look out for it in my sidebar!

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  1. Ah! With that cream soda, she looks like she came right out of a 1940's/50's soda ad!
    Looks like a nice day. ^_^



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