Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Daily Outfit 5/17/10

Here's what I wore for a double-date picnic on Monday with Kayla and our boys! My boyfriend bought me the hairbow when we went to a festival on Mother's Day so I wanted to design an outfit that would match it ♥ I adore my overdress from IDD, and I've been trying to think of some other ways to coordinate it, so when I realized that it matched the bow perfectly, I threw it on over the blouse and jumperskirt I was already wearing. I think I'm going to wear this for my birthday party, too. I love the Wonderland feel to these pictures - the shed from my backyard reminds me of the Rabbit's house if Alice had grown big outside of it instead of inside!
Unfortunately my curls ended up falling by the time I got to my boyfriend's house, so I just ended up doing a flip instead.
  • JSK: Bodyline
  • Blouse: H&M
  • Overdress: I Do Declare custom commission
  • Socks: Secret Shop
  • Shoes: Offbrand
We went to a lovely field surrounded by woodlands for the picnic and ate lunch in the shade of a long-deceased rich woman's summer cottage. She had donated the house and acres and acres of the surrounding property to the town, and now they do tours of it and have butterfly gardens and woodland trails through the rest of it.

Also, guess what? Today is my birthday! :)


  1. you both look so adorable! ♥ The light blue dress looks soo dreamy and fluffy, like a cloud. I kinda feel like sleeping on for some reason XD I really like the socks too!

  2. Glad to hear you had a nice time on Monday! Happy birthday, have a good one. C:

  3. happy birthday! i hope it was a fun day!

  4. Happy birthday! You and your boyfriend are such a cute couple <3 I love the outfit, so cute ^_^

  5. i lvoe your outfit ^^ especially the overcoat



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