Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day, mommies!! I got my mother a bottle of chardonnay, a box of gourmet truffles from a world-renowned chocolatier, and a huge cupcake from Crumbs in her favorite flavor, peanut butter. My sister-in-law hosted a beautiful Mother's Day brunch with some absolutely amazing food as always (my contribution was white chocolate coconut ganache truffles). Here's what I wore!Rundown:
  • Dress: Children's store
  • Blouse: Innocent World
  • Hat: Vintage
  • Socks: BABY
  • Pearls &shoes: offbrand
This is another one of the amazing vintage hats my aunt sends home for me sometimes. I have family in Pennsylvania, where there are a lot of amazing vintage shops. My aunt loves to trawl them but can't really wear much of it herself, so she has my parents bring it home to me whenever they visit. Admittedly, it can be kind of hit-or-miss, but the hats are always amazing!

Also props to my wonderful boyfriend who puts up with so much from me. He took these pictures, came to brunch with my fam (an ordeal even I don't usually endure!), and even wandered around a festival with me all day. Also he took me to see Iron Man 2 last night. Love ya!


  1. What a lovely-sounding mother's day! (Greetings--I'm a lolita follower of your blog, which I found through Lolita Charm. ^^) As it happens, peanut butter is one of my mother's favorite flavors too. I haven't had the chance to get her anything yet, but she's coming today to pick me up from college, so maybe I can still celebrate somehow! ^-^ Your outfit is very cute, as always.

  2. uuh everything sounds delicious!!! ^^ and you look so pretty!!
    nice boyfriend ejje, I saw iron man two times, love that movie and robert XD.

    Have a lovely day

    take care

  3. That dress is from a children's store? And you fit into it? What store was it? (it's gorgeous!)

  4. Hi n,n

    I love your site,
    It's really cool !!! x3
    I'll add you in my fauvorites...

    Kawaii pic


  5. The hat is adorable on you! Beautiful outfit!



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