Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lovin' Lumpy?

Follow me on Bloglovin here!
Bloglovin is a great resource for bloggers and blog-followers; it collects all of your blog posts in one place and allows readers to subscribe to them as well. Like Google FriendConnect, Bloglovin allows followers to create a list of their favorite blogs and read them all in one convenient place. All bloggers and blog-readers should definitely check it out!


  1. I'm already doing it!
    Bloglovin is so practical ♥
    When FriendConnect stopped working (in my computer at least)I remembered about it, and since then I can't stop checking it.

    I'm addicted to your tumblr as well, everythig you post is so beautiful and/or interesting ^^

  2. Google Reader works for this too. That's how I'm reading your blog. Even on blogs that don't have an RSS Subscribe button, almost always if you copy the URL of the homepage into Google Reader, it will be able to subscribe to it for you. You can do blogs OR RSS feeds of any kind, and organize them into different folders. I particularly like it because I already have a gmail and can use the same username for both. You can also follow other gmail friends and read anything they choose to share from their own Google Reader feeds. ^_^



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