Thursday, October 14, 2010

Autumn; Channeling the season

When I think of lolita, mostly I think of soft chiffons, pale florals, and kneesocks trimmed with lace. In my mind, lolita is the perfect fashion for lounging in fields of flowers, drinking a banana-berry smoothie out of a parfait glass and reading poetry. Quite the fantasy, isn't it? I find inspiration to get dressed in the morning very important (because otherwise I won't), and yet, with the weather cooling fast than a cup of tea on a blustery day, I find that this mental image isn't giving me what I need these days. I think it's time for a mental makeover- something less flowers, more fading leaves; less fields of grass and more forests at nightfall; honeysuckle and citrus giving way to pine and spices.

Fall in Fashion
♥thick tights ♥ cashmere socks ♥ oxfords instead of mary janes ♥ hand-knit scarves ♥ wine, burgundy, and shades of chocolate ♥ a snifter of spicy mulled cider spiked with brandy ♥ opulent furs ♥ leather handbags ♥ dark-chocolate truffles rolled in cocoa powder ♥ mugs of peppermint hot chocolate ♥ petticoat-smothering sweaters that reach your knees ♥ bronze jewelry (check the sidebar!) ♥ thick brown eyeliner ♥ mugs that used to be painted, now blank from use ♥ strong chai lattes with hot foamy soy milk and lots of honey ♥ libraries filled with yellow-paged books ♥ coming back to your parents' house to the smell of freshly-baked bread ♥ a blanket, a thunderstorm, and a warm someone to cuddle ♥

What inspires you this autumn?

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  1. I like to wear bright colors in the cooler seasons, actually! Like a spot of spring in winter ;) Autumn is a wonderful in-between time, though. I like the bright reds, oranges, and yellows (warm color palate?)

    Brown and mint would make an awesome autumn coord too... brown is warm and dark, but mint is cool and light, yet they somehow go together wonderfully!

    Other things that inspire me: baking, hearty dishes with rice (idk...), pumpkins, apples, gradiation, especially on nail art, light fur trim, cream color, cross-stitch print, thick, heavy mug of hot coffee, chocolate, or cider, and whipped cream with cinnamon or chocolate shavings! Also hot, tasty breakfasts *u*

    Sorry for the super long comment! Haha! I have been trying to put autumn inspirations in my own blog ^u^v So that is what I thought of!



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