Monday, October 11, 2010

On the bandwagon: My Dream Outfit

As a personal friend of Dalin's, I was very excited when she announced that she would be hosting a giveaway contest over at her blog, La Vida Frills. The theme of the contest is "My Dream Outfit," so I thought I would be SOL on this one, as I already own what I imagined to be my dream outfit. However, I decided to sit down and give it a go anyway, and I'm... happy AND sad to say that now I probably have a new dream outfit. I'm happy, because that means that I can now enter this contest... but... I'm sad because now I want to buy everything in this set. Sigh!

Miss Lumpy's dream outfit

Miss Lumpy's dream outfit by herlumpiness

Unsurprisingly, the main color in my coordinate is, as always, light blue. One of my favorite pairings is light blue with dark colors like black or navy; with autumn setting in, I've really been feeling brown lately because it reminds me of whipped hot chocolate and thick vegetable stew and all the other delicacies of autumn. The main reason this outfit embodies my personal style is because it's vintage-y classic lolita enhanced by quirky, eclectic accessories that still remain elegant. I've paired my favorite bonnet, a custom piece by Ophanim Gothique, with a beautiful JSK by Mary Magdalen and a flowy sheer blouse by Victorian Maiden for that classic, old-fashioned look. Because it's getting chilly here, I'd probably feel like jumping off a bridge if I had to cram my feet into uncomfortable, breezy heels; these boots are almost exactly like my personal cool-weather staple, a pair faux-fur-lined vintage leather boots from a thrift store on the Lower East Side, paired with a lovely pair of cream lace tights. These shoes are so comfortable I wear them as slippers on fall evenings! Though I'm usually a big proponent of bags you can live out of, these days I've been packing up a small pochette to tak to class with my bookbag, so I'm confident that maybe I'll be able to use a teeny-weeny clutch like this adorable piece by YSL. Speaking of practical, some of my classes absolutely forbid the use of electronics, so I've invested in a cute rhinestone watch - if only it were this beauty! I'm channeling my newfound love of mori-girl (a love for which I was in serious denial for a time but just can't escape anymore!) with a fur collar and a crazy stag-head ring, and of course, keeping it classy by piling on the pearls until they're practically dripping down my fingers.

I had so much more fun with this contest than I expected to! Readers: What's your dream outfit look like?


  1. If you want a stag-head ring you can find it at H&M's. I love mori style and I bought it immediatly. It comes with other 3 animal themed rings: bunny, fox, owl. I love them, the bunny one in particular!
    If you want to see how they look I put a photo on my blog (on H&M's official site there isn't any):

  2. Loving the fur! I just got some fur myself too...I can't wait to wear it with lolita! Def adds a touch o' elegance to the whole coord overall. xD

  3. LOVE your Polyvore!! I have always <3 that YSL envelope bag. So sweet. Great post!



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