Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sweet-Classic photoshoot follow-up

I'm sure you guys remember my post from last week, Picnic at World's End, which is a short photo-story inspired by a photo shoot I had with my friend Savannah that weekend. Well, there were quite a few pictures that we liked that didn't fit with the theme, so here are a handful of them!

Look, I'm smiling again! Weird! I think I'm getting into the habit of it.

My favorite thing about this shot is that my camera focused not on Savannah's face, but on the flowers in her hair and the edge of her bonnet.

Savvy also just started a blog, so if you're interested in art, crafts, and lolita you should totally check it out here! She's so talented~ She's actually the artist I'm working with to turn the short story from the last post into a comic, which has been giving me great joy in the past week or two. I love having creative projects to work on , it's so cathartic.

Speaking of creative projects, heads up! I'm going to be at Anime Boston this year on Saturday, April 23rd only. I'll be in the Artist's Alley sharing a table with Ophanim and I'll have lots of limited edition not-sold-online goods. Please come check us out! ♥

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