Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pascal Princess

Easter seems like the ultimate lolita holiday. Technicolor marshmallows in the shapes of chicks, milk chocolate bunnies, jelly beans in every color imaginable- and need I mention pastels? Even as someone who doesn't celebrate the holiday, I can't help but feel like we're finally approaching those few weeks of absolutely perfect lolita-wearing weather - not too hot that you're sweating in your petticoats, but not too cold that you need to bundle up in your winter coats. What with prints like Happy Garden and Sheep Garden, it's clear that the big brands are finally picking up on the attraction, which means that anyone who owns the above or any other prints that have been released this season or last is pretty much set. But what about for the rest of us? Here are a few ways to celebrate the sweetness of spring without breaking the bank on a one-season-only print:

♥Make a straw bonnet! My friend Savannah and I are going to make these as soon as we get a chance, inspired by this post on Ophanim. It seems easy, not too pricey, and the end result is too cute! Cover it with ribbons, fake flowers, and bows and you have a new staple accessory for spring.  Imagine this with a country lolita outfit- spring perfection that would carry into summer, too!

♥Make yourself an Easter basket! Buy armfuls of way-too-bright candy and trinkets, and display them in anything you have on hand- a basket, bowl, or even a purse you aren't using right now. Alternatively, splurge and buy yourself a nice box of gourmet chocolates. My favorite chocolatier has lavender, violet, and rose truffles that are perfect for this time of year.

♥If you're not into candy (who are you?!), bake something nice for yourself and your loved ones. Cupcakes decorated with icing roses or chocolate chip cookies with pastel M&Ms are exactly what this season calls for.

♥Decorating eggs is by far my favorite childhood memory of Easter, right up there with scouring the house for our hidden Easter baskets. There are so many fun tips and tricks for fancy eggs that I could share, but instead, I'll give you a new one that blows my mind with its beauty: herb-stenciled eggs. What an amazing way to class up an Easter standby- imagine these in pastels! Not able to dye eggs? Try this adorable paint chip garland instead.
♥Go for a super-spring makeup look. I just got an amazing lavender eyeshadow that is so perfect for spring, I can't even handle it. Other shades to try are pastel blue, baby pink, or a bright, shimmery white. Adorn it with a rhinestone, if that's your thing (I'm thinking of using flatback pearls in a makeup look sometime for a classier version of this sweet staple) or draw on a coquettish beauty mark in the shape of a heart.

♥Go out for a walk in the fresh spring air and watch for new growth; channel Mary Lennox and walk the perimeter of your garden, breathing fresh, green air and observing the world as she wakes from hibernation.

♥Alternatively, if you've been having the same weather we have here in New England, sit in the window with a cup of tea, a good book, and a lace shawl as you watch the grass drink the spring rain.

Readers: What's your favorite way to welcome spring?

by Pretty Disease on Tumblr

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