Thursday, December 30, 2010

10 Ways to Remind Yourself You Rock

Have you ever had one of those moments where you're just completely brought down by something? Maybe you were having an excellent day, and then you spilled hot chocolate on your new coat, or you were caught in a sudden downpour with no umbrella and your favorite print was ruined. Even something so simple as being caught without sunscreen on a trip to the beach can just put a total damper on your day- or week, or month (as you suffer with that sunburn or that chocolate stain!). So what can you do to fight it?

  1. Buy yourself flowers that match your outfit
  2. Have one piece that you absolutely adore, no matter how it fits or looks on you. Maybe it's a dress, or skirt, or headbow, or whatever, but it just makes you feel so amazing to wear it.
  3. Buy a box of expensive truffles and a bottle of cheap white wine (/sparkling cider) and take a bubble bath.
  4. Surround yourself with people who love you and who will do anything in their power to keep you out of the dumps. You know-the gal pals you can call up any day to make a sucky evening alone into a night of chick flicks or horror movies.
  5. Find your "sick food." I have a certain brand of chewy chocolate chip cookies that I always buy when I'm feeling cruddy. I got a really awful cold a few years ago, and all I could drag my frilly rear out of bed for was Dimetapp, cinnamon tea with honey, and this huge bucket of cookies I got from the local supermarket. Now, whenever I'm ill or just feeling less-than-fantastic, those cookies are what I crave, and they always make me feel better about life.
  6. Alternatively, learn a recipe for a baked good that you can share with people you love. Giving to others really is a fantastic mood-lifter.
  7. Make yourself an "I Rock" folder on your computer. An idea I stole from my favorite business blog for crafty entrepreneurs, this is a folder on your computer that compiles all your best attributes: if I had one, it would be filled with pictures of my favorite coordinates, snapshots from outings with friends, articles that I was really proud of, and photos of my favorite creations for Amaranth Opulent. Maybe if you're an artist you could include your favorite pieces, or your favorite designs if you're a seamstress- whatever it is you do best, put it all into one place to remind yourself how much you rock.
  8. Keep room in your budget for a bit of retail therapy every so often. This weekend I bought myself a cute little schedule book from Kinokuniya- it's light blue with a cute pattern on it, lots of space to jot down notes, and even a map of the Tokyo subway system, which I'm certain will prove indispensable this March!
  9. Cull the unnecessary. You know what that means to you- the friend who only ever brings you down with her gossip, the slacker boyfriend, your own attempts to live up to others' expectations, or even the clothes you never wear from your wardrobe. Whatever it is that's cluttering up your mind, remove it from your life. Trust me, you'll feel so much freer after.
  10. Be spontaneous. Surprise yourself. Do something on a whim that you never thought you would do. I've told the story of my tattoo a few times on here, but it dears repeating because it's the one thing I've done in my life to permanently alter it, and I couldn't be happier.


    1. These are all great suggestions, it's so easy to forget to take a break and be good to yourself. However, it's really important.

    2. I like the idea of a 'I rock' folder. Some great suggestions. 2 of my 3 tattoos were spontaneous , I didn't regret it at all!

      Have a happy new year!

    3. The 'I Rock' folder is so awesome. Sounds like an excellent motivator! Thanks for the ideas :)



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