Monday, December 13, 2010

A very quick update- House keeping!

Just a little note- some of you may have noticed that the layout is being switched up a bit. This is in preparation for a brand-new look to Miss Lumpy, something simpler and cleaner but still lovely and opulent. The main body area is now cream instead of light blue, making the words stand out more and making them more easier to read. The background has also changed- I loved the chandeliers in the last one, but it was just too busy and the colors didn't really match, so I made up this nice gradient one, instead. I might add some stars or something to it at some point, too!

Also, you may notice I've removed my blog roll. This is because I'm trying to clean up my layout, and all of those jumbles of text just look crowded and busy. Instead, to clean it up a bit, I've added the contents of my blogroll to an "Inspiration ; Links I Love" page, which is linked everywhere on my blog by a small banner under the header, along with my other pages. Speaking of, since I've had some people express interest in working with me from a press standpoint, I've added a Press Page. This page includes information on my services as a blogger: reporting at events, advertising, product reviews, as well as information on how to hire me out for photography, modeling, etc. If you'd like any information on these services, please let me know!

Further remodeling will be coming in the form of a very fancy new header (wait til you see what I'm planning!), as well as customizing a few other things in fun ways. Also, thank you so much for over 300 followers and 70,000 views!! And this is only in the nine months I've been on blogger! Thanks guys, I adore you all ♥

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