Friday, April 23, 2010

Ill-Met by Moonlight: Part II

In my last entry, I waxed poetic about my love of Shakespeare (as I am wont to do more often than I probably should, considering how often I skip my 9:30 AM Shakespeare class) while showing off a circlet I made for a fairytale-themed photoshoot. I mentioned that I would be portraying Titania in the shoot but purposely didn't go into much into the outfit I planned on wearing so I could let the pictures speak for themselves.

Circlet in action:
Don't you adore my dress? It was custom made for me by the amazingly talented Kelsey of I Do Declare, on short notice and for a very reasonable amount because she's just that awesome and I'm just that lame that I contacted her a week and a half before the shoot for a dress to wear to it.
Close-up of the detailing:
As for styling, I was trying to channel the vintage circlet I based my headpiece off of with a more retro style - big, soft curls with a side-parted bang (not exactly a side bang, but pretty close) and an attempted allusion to a smoky cat-eye with the make-up. Kelsey gave me some extra ribbon from the waistband, and since I meant to bring a choker (fun fact, I actually did but I thought I forgot it, so it languished in the bottom of my purse) I tied it around my neck in a poofy bow. I think it worked fine here, but next time I wear this dress I might make some really nice ornamental piece to wear around my neck instead.

So, fellow Shakespeare lovers, do you think I did the Queen of the Faeries some justice?


  1. wow, this photoshoot came out really beautiful, and i just adore that dress! ♥ it looks so light and summery~ and your circlet really did come out fantastic, it looks even better being worn. :D

  2. Lovely photos! The second to last one especially. The dress is stunning! The back of the dress is amazing, I love the neckline (backline XD?) Love the retro makeup and hair too.

  3. stunning! i hope circlets/wreaths make a comeback. xD i just made one for an outfit for the event up in san jose!

  4. It looks wonderful on you lady! Thank you so much~!!

  5. Week and a half notice? Kelsey must be some kind of fairy herself!

    I really like that circlet.



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