Saturday, April 10, 2010

Anime Boston 2010!

Now, I hope I don't offend anybody here, but Anime Boston never really impressed me. I fully admit that I never really gave it a chance, though - I went its first year and was so unimpressed that i never bothered to go back. Since my boyfriend was working the Artist's Alley all weekend and I had nothing better to do on Sunday, I recruited one of my oldest friends and ex-Bostonian for a daytrip up. Verdict: It was very quiet, but that's understandable for a Sunday. The dealer's room and artist's alley were both... okay, but they could definitely have been better. I bought an amazing phone charm from the artist's alley, only to have it break only a few hours later, and besides a display of almost entire wiped out wigs, the only thing that caught my interest in the dealer's room was a beautiful choker (which my boyfriend bought me because I didn't have the cash - love yooou!)

Marrisa and I, decked out in blue &pink sweet. A stroke of luck brought Marrisa into the beginnings of a lolita wardrobe, but it was oriented mostly in a color scheme she wasn't in love with, so I lent her some of the pinks I don't really wear anymore.
  • Cutsew: BABY, the Stars Shine Bright
  • Skirt: AYA
  • Purse: Innocent World
  • Boots: Bodyline
  • Socks: Secret Shop
  • Candy hairtie: bought off the comm
  • Nails: Bought in Artist's Alley

Et moi:
  • Cutsew: BABY, the Stars Shine Bright
  • Skirt: Mew
  • Socks: Metamorphose
  • Shoes: Bodyline
  • Parasol: Angelic Pretty
  • Tote: Hello Kitty
  • Hairbow: Bought at Otakon last year
  • Choker: Bought in the dealer's room
Also, that phone charm broke probably two hours after I bought it from Artist's Alley. NOT HAPPY. The girl didn't have cards for me to take, otherwise I'd be e-mailing her right now.

There weren't many lolitas around that day (Stefan assured me there were more on Saturday, which doesn't surprise me), but I did see the ever-svelte Carolyn of F* Yeah Lolita!
As well as Kathryn, who I met this past December at the New York City tea. Hi again!!
So, Anime Boston, I guess you're not as bad as I thought. I'm not saying I'll definitely return all weekend next year, but I'd consider going up for Sunday again.


  1. I was at Anime Boston as well, I'm kinda sad I didn't see you there. I was not in Lolita because this was the first year I decided to cosplay. Anyways, I bought a cellphone charm from artist alley as well and it broke the next day! I was annoyed as well. I hope that maybe I will see you at CT Conn.

  2. @KittyDragon - I was only there sunday, so I wasn't surprised to only recognize two lolitas. I saw a few other girls I recognized in normal clothes but thought it might be weird to approach them XD; I'll definitely be at CTcon! I might be running a lolita panel but with definitely helping run the lolita fashion show. If you come stop by and say hello! I'd love to meet you :D

  3. Aawww, everyone looks very pretty ^_^
    And I love the nails very much <3

  4. I couldn't find any of the Lolitas on Sunday, I even went to go hunt down Kathryn and Ashely who were working the Artist Alley to get a snap of their outfits this day but I must have missed them. I swear I found a ton the rest of the weekend! Especially Saturday morning, right after the fashion show the place was swarmed with our kind XD

    I'm never that impressed with AB's vendors room, but it was honestly better this year, last year it was all Ouran Host Club plushies.

    Thanks for the photo and the link, even though I look doofy in it XD I swear I need to attend your mini-lessons of how to loli-pose for the camera, I always freeze up unless I'm doing something goofy :p

  5. @Ribbonlicious - aren't they cute?! She got them for, like, three dollars in the Artist's Alley!

    @Caro - Yeah, my boyfriend was there all weekend &he said that Saturday was crazy packed! It's the most popular day for congoers in general, I'm not surprised it was more popular for lolis too. &look out for a loli-pose guide! It'll be posted in a few days :D

  6. you have an amazing taste of style ♥ The accessory, the colors, everything. That mew skirt is the cutest thing ever!

  7. Awww! I was there in lolita on Sunday! I would have loved to have met you~ Too bad.

    Also, I was just wondering, would you ever consider doing your posts in a darker font? This one is very hard to read!

  8. @love-rev-21 Ahh, that's the second complaint I've had about that!! I've changed the colors around a bit, I hope that's easier to read. &I would've loved to meet you too! :( So far it looks like my next con will be Otakon, tho, so if you're going I hope to see you there!

  9. Love it! Lolita fashion enthusiasts really amaze me. My sister is a fan too. During her Lolita wannabe days, she used to buy nice forever young wigs and front lace wigs for her daily use. Her favorite wig colors include pink and white. Thanks for the interesting update, Miss Lumpy!



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