Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What I Wore: Gothic Lolita for the Misako Aoki Meet

What I wore:

Gothic Lolita for the Misako Aoki tea party in New York City!

~ Super kawaii ~ accessory closeup for my gothic lolita coordinate!
Accessory closeup for my gothic lolita coordinate!
It's been ages since I went to a large lolita fashion meetup! This meet was sponsored by RuffleCon, for which I'm on the Board of Directors, who hosted a raffle for attendees (which I donated to!). Conveniently, it was located at Dove Parlour, a bar I love in the West Village.

I was honestly a bit overwhelmed during the meet itself! Like I said, I don't attend large meets very often, so being in close quarters with over a hundred fluffy ladies was a bit much for me. I expected to do more socializing and meeting new people, but when my friends and I snagged seats at a table in the back, I was worried to leave and lose my spot! But luckily there were some friends of friends I had never met who joined us, so I did get to meet SOME new people.

It was also difficult to get good photos while we were there- the lighting wasn't very good (obviously, as it's an underground bar!) and it was a bit too cold to get photos outside, but I managed to get a few decent enough to post here.

Gothic lolita outfit shot:

Miss Lumpy's full gothic lolita coordinate, with a BtSSB jumperskirt, vintage fur, and handmade accessories
Full outfit shot
JSK: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright's Pocket Embroidery
Blouse and fur: vintage
Leggings: Victoria's Secret PINK, with UniQlo tights underneath
Shoes: Payless
Headpiece: handmade
Accessories: handmade or offbrand
Ankle bows, not really shown: Tutu Anna

Close-up showing my gothic makeup, thrifted necklace, and
handmade headpiece
The BABY, the Stars Shine Bright jumperskit was a last minute wardrobe addition as well. I wanted a new party dress for this, and specifically one by BABY (Misako's favorite brand), so I scoured the secondhand communities and managed to find this beauty exactly in my price range, and in my size! It's one of the many rereleases of the iconic Pocket Embroidery jumperskirt, and I love all of the little details - the buttons, the pintucks, and of course the embroidery. It's also SO comfortable! I'll definitely be wearing it in more casual applications come summertime.

Gothic lolita fashion coordinate using BABY, the Stars Shine Bright JSK, Victoria's Secret leggings, and thrifted blouse.I had so much fun making that headpiece! My friend Remi and I got snowed into my apartment for a weekend to make them. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get a good shot of it yet, but it consists of a headband covered in black velvet, with black roses (small ones with gold rhinestones, one big one with glitter-tipped petals), black birdcage netting (!), a small black crow (!!) and a bunch of purple grapes (!!!). I haven't gotten over it yet! It's isn't the first large headpiece I've made myself, but it's certainly my favorite, and a style I've never done before. Definitely the first of many, though!

Verdict: I'm definitely getting more and more into gothic lolita. Classic lolita style will always be my favorite, but gothic is coming in a close second, especially while the weather is so drab! Maybe once spring comes I'll be drawn back to my creams and browns, but even in my daily wear I'm so drawn to the darker spectrum these days...

How about you all? Has the weather where you are (whether you're currently trudging through snow like me, or sunny beaches if you're in the southern hemisphere) affected your color palette and preferred styles like it has for me, or are you one of those folks who always keeps to the same staples year-round?

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