Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Guy's Guide to Gifting - Holidays 2010 edition!

It's that time of year again, kids! If you haven't yet started planning your holidays gifts... shame on you! Most of the holidays are only a month, a month and a half away, and no one wants to be stuck out in the cold waiting on last-minute packages. I'm planning a few different pieces this year on gifting, from gifts for the lolita to gifts ideas for all you gifting-lolis. I'm going to go with the former in this article and find some gifts that any lolita would love. This one, as implied by the title, is gear at "Guy needs gift for his lolita significant other," but don't let that stop you- these gifts were pointedly selected to be great for friends, family, or even acquaintances to buy the lolitas in their lives.

These pretty, hand-decorated journals would make a lovely, affordable gift for the classic lolita. Imagine sitting at your desk in the winter sunlight with one of these and a fountain pen. Boys- it's very sweet to give girls things like journals, because it shows that you're being considerate of her thoughts and privacy. It's also very flattering because in a way it validates the idea of journaling to be given one by someone important to you - so often it's considered needless or indulgent to take down your thoughts. This would also be a lovely gift for a Secret Santa swap or somethnig along those lines. Have a crafty loli to buy for? Make her a "make your own journal" set, with a blank-covered book, some rubber stamps +ink, and a very nice pen.

I'm a huge fan of calenders as holiday gifts. They're usually not terribly expensive, very practical, and a great way to show someone you know their aesthetic. The retro, country vibe makes this calender a wonderful gift for a crafty lolita on the sweet side, but you can find calenders of any subject matter, from cats to pin-up girls to landscapes. It's a great way to show your lolita that you know her style and what she's into while still giving her something practical that she'll probably actually use. Another cute idea in the same vein would be memo pads or to-do lists.

Lolli Soap Tart Sampler by LolliLuscious
A sampler of anything is a very sweet gift- perfume or chocolates would also be nice. It shows that you know she is interested in the subject, but not specifics as to fragrance/flavor. This can also be a great way to get to know your lolita, if she invites you to share! And these little tart-shaped soaps are perfect for just such an occasion - other choices maybe a set of molded soaps with her initials, a package of Imp Ears from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab or a similar store (brownie points if you know her favorite perfumery!), or a box of cookies from your favorite bakery.

Other ideas:
♥Winter wear is cute and affordable, such as gloves, hats, or scarves. Brownie points if it matches her coat!
♥Speaking of winter, a container of spicy black tea or cinnamon hot chocolate
♥For S.O.'s specifically, a lotion, shower gel, bubble bath, etc. in YOUR favorite scent. She'll probably be glad for the input, and lotion or body wash are much less personal than perfume.
♥A stationary set
♥Low on cash? A framed photo of you two together and a sweet note on how awesome she is will always be touching.
♥A framed piece of art, if you want to get ballsy. This is pretty easy to mess up, so be sure you know her aesthetics and room decor perfectly.

Still stuck? Well, that's why I made this convenient treasury for you!


  1. OMG those soaps! I had to click the link and just make you had the right picture or something because those seriously look like the most delicious desserts I have ever seen XD

    The journal idea is really adorable too!

  2. These are adorable ideas, I especially love the soap sampler! Also, a blogger I follow did a post on hand-made holiday cards recently: http://tencrowns-letterboxing.blogspot.com/2010/11/winter-holiday-cards.html

    Pretty neat stuff all around!

  3. so many cute ideas! thanks for sharing :D



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