Monday, November 8, 2010

Daily Outfit 10/9/10

Super delayed and only one picture. I snapped this one on the morning on New York Anime Festival before I hopped in the car, so it's not a great one, but it shows the outfit and looks pretty cute, I think!

Also this is where my parents live. And I've just realized that almost all of these leaves are shades of orange or yellow now - it's crazy how fast that happened!

  • JSK: AatP Hymn JSK (Borrowed with intention to buy from Tina!)
  • Blouse: Forever21
  • Boater hat: H&M
  • Boots &necktie (can't really see it): Offbrand
I was going for a prairie schoolteacher look. Why? Because I had a tie on. Just... don't question it.


  1. You looked amazing in that dress, Aly!

  2. Looks way better on you than me, for sure!

  3. gorgeous! You really suit that length of skirt <3

  4. Lovely! I really love how long the skirt is! Even though the print is super AatP-y it looks so elegantly Country in that length and the way you coordinated it!

  5. I love the longer dress. I like it swishing when I walk.

  6. You look great in that dress!

  7. With intention to buy?! I sure hope so missy, because you looked fantastic in that, and then we can twin! ;D

  8. you look absolutely darling ♥ i must have a long jsk like that some day *______*



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