Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A litte life update... (+new hair!!)

A quick break from the hiatus to tell you all that I'm not dead! On the contrary, I've been quite alive and keeping myself very busy. This hiatus couldn't have come at a better time- between classes, school/family/social life, and designing my fall/winter line, I can't even imagine what these past few weeks would have been like with blogging thrown in there too! I also didn't forget that I promised you guys pictures of my new hair, so without further adieu...

Are you ready?

'Cause I'm pretty excited about this....

Here's a doozey - a picture of me with no photoshop and only a touch of make-up:

What do you think? Also, like my hair clip? This one was a prototype that I'm keeping for myself, but it was to test out a new style of product I've been playing around with:

I only have two I'm going to be releasing in this style for winter, though, because I think they'll be much more suitable for spring/summer. These are mostly going out to my ladies in the Southern Hemisphere, who are probably sick-sick-sick of earth tones and bare branches!

I've also been devoting myself rather admirably to my studies. I know, weird, right?! Currently I'm studying Renaissance & Enlightenment Europe, World Literature since the 17th Century, World Civilizations in the same time period, War & Peace through Film, and... an introduction to internet applications (read: The Web for Dummies). Everything has proven to be incredibly interesting, and I'm happy to say that I've continued to use fashion as a bit of peaceable excitement in a world of dusty tomes and droning history lectures. Well, no, not really, all of the subjects I've studied so far have been absolutely fascinating (the European witch hunts, how sheep conquered Mexico, and the expeditions of Zheng He, the world' s first explorer). Er... except maybe that computer class (though, the Browser War of the 1990's - that was certainly a humdinger of a lecture! Naaah, I kid, it's fun).

One of my closest friends, Kayla, is in a photography class, and she just finished a portraiture assignment, which I was pleased to be asked to participate in! Here are some gems from our experiments together (in fact, the photos of me above were taken by her, too!):

I suppose that's all that's new for me! I've still been religiously reading all of your amazing blogs that I follow, but even still, how have you all been? I've missed you so!! Hopefully I'll be back to posting again soon, once classes calm down a bit and I have more time to breathe.


  1. Oh my God, I LOVE your new hair! It's so... awesome!
    And the pictures your friend has taken of you are gorgeous! I especially like the one with the book.

    And I'm curious: how DID sheep conquer Mexico?

  2. @Rosalynn: The Spanish explorers/settlers brought sheep with them and basically put them in a valley and forget about them until it was time to shear or slaughter them, which means that they ate all of the natural foliage, trampled farm plots of native peoples (destroying their food source &forcing them to move or die) and dropped seeds they had carried over in their fleece or dung from Europe. One of the writers we studied postulates that this is a main reason why conquering and settling Mexico was so much easier for Spaniards than other settlers in other locations: their sheep were doing all the hard work! :P

  3. Your hair is amazing! The colors are perfect for you. I like the Side flower, it's very soft and perfect for the coming Fall/Winter seasons.

  4. This Ramble Rorita misses you! :)

  5. Your hair looks really great! I wish I had the courage to dye my hair in unusual colours.
    I also like the red skirt that you wear in the pictures. Can you tell me where you got it?

  6. Hair looks great! Can't wait to see more.

  7. Your new hair looks beautiful! I love the red colour especially. Lovely pictures too :)

  8. Your new hair is very good!
    Nice color!!

  9. Your hair is fantastic! I love the blue streaks so much!

  10. Love your new hair! The red and blue look awesome together!

  11. Thanks everyone!! ♥♥♥

    @victoriancandyland: The skirt is an older Bodyline design, actually! It comes with a removable corset piece, too. I got it maybe, oh... a year or two ago? You might be able to still find it over on the sales community!

  12. I absolutely love your hair! I don't think I could have imagined blue and red quite that way, you make it look so gorgeous. And the clip is awesome as well. I would buy it. Okay... If I had money I would buy it. But I know people who would buy it!

    I completely understand how you feel with your classes; I may only be a junior in high school, but I'm thoroughly enjoying my classes this year for some reason (especially my AP classes). It just feels to wonderful to learn, doesn't it?



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