Monday, March 29, 2010

The Lumpian Lolita Checklist

Well, everyone else doing it, aren't they? I might be a touch late to the bandwagon - oops! These are the things that affect my sense of fashion.

The Lumpian Lolita...
  • Prefers cardigans or sweatshirts to jackets
  • Thinks there's no better accessory than long necklaces, thin chains with large pendants and small charms
  • Loves to layer jewelry; a bracelet and watch, mismatched earrings, a ring on every finger
  • Paints her nails in soft, muted colors like brown, dusty pink, or powder blue, and adorns them only with rhinestones or a few stick-on pearls
  • Prefers leggings or tights to knee-high socks
  • Always wears pretty underthings, whether it's ruffled polka-dot bloomers or a corset and garter belt ;)
  • Will almost always prefer flats to heels, so she can run at a moment's notice
  • Makes smoothies for breakfast whenever possible
  • Hoola hoops!
  • Appreciates the seasons for their fashion opportunities: thick scarves and braids in winter, airy chiffon and curls in summer
  • Prefers a day trawling vintage shops in the East Village to pouring over back-issues of the GLB
  • Is always experimenting with her hair!
  • Loves interesting color combinations, and thinks brown goes with everything
  • Wears long-sleeve blouses with bright-colored one pieces
  • Comports herself with dignity; she always looks like she's posing for a picture, whether she's at a photoshoot or walking to class
  • Surrounds herself with beautiful people; whether their beauty is inside or outside, they always inspire her to better herself
  • Prefers sky blue to bubblegum pink
  • Sometimes goes without a parasol to feel the sun on her skin
  • Is more inspired by watching period drama than reading fashion mooks; in fact, she loves to find inspiration in any unexpected place, especially Shakespeare and poetry


  1. Cute list, I keep seeing these floating around, it's interesting to read everyone's lists!

  2. Hello! I just recently started to follow you!
    I love your list! I'm pretty much the same except I love wearing heels!



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