Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lolita Blogging: Why and How

HK laptop image by pensivenga on flickr
HK laptop image by pensivenga on flickr
You've seen them on the news. You've clicked links to them & you've probably read them with or without knowing. Even celebrities and corporations use them! I am referring, of course, to blogs. Wordpress alone currently counts over 170,000 bloggers, and blog surfing tool Technorati indexes more than 1.5 million blogs for its searches.
So what is it? The word "blog" stands for "weblog," a website usually maintained solely by a group or individual that logs commentaries on topics spanning politics to fashion to food. If you can think of a subject, you can probably find a blog on it- and lolita is no different. But what's the point?
Well, a lolita blog has a few different uses: A personal blog, where the blogger catalogs their outfits in photographs or descriptions (especially helpful as inspiration when you're rummaging through the closet trying to figure out how to coordinate that skirt!), talks about meet-ups they've attended, etc.; or, as a niche blog, like mine, where I discuss lolita as a whole, not just my personal experiences with it. Both are important and helpful for different reasons- the first is helpful to both the reader and the writer, acting as inspiration and a way for the reader to feel closer to someone that they normally wouldn't get the chance to, and the niche blog is helpful for obvious reasons- it enlightens the reader and allows the writer to broaden his or her view on the subjest they're writing about. These are the two main types of lolita blog that I've found, aside from brand blogs. However, I've also noticed three subcategories:
  • The Lolita Blog: Example, Lolita Charm. This is a blog 100% about lolita. Victoria Suzanne posts in-depth analyses of the subculture & fashion itself, photos of herself in lolita, and tips and how-tos based solely on lolita fashion and lifestyle.
  • The blog for lolitas: Example, Miss Lumpy- mine! This is a blog that is based on not just the fashion & lifestyle, but the lolita herself. Therefor, articles about brands & outfits are posted, along with those about music, recipes, and other things that may interest a lolita as a person, not just as a follower of lolita fashion.
  • The blog by a lolita: This is a blog on a different topic (critiquing films, for example, or a craft or baking blog) that is still related to lolitas as people, but also is inclusive of other target markets.
Obviously, this isn't a rule (ALL LOLITA BLOGGERS SUBMIT OR DIE!!!), just a trend that I've noticed. I've seen this in other subcultures/niche blog cultures, too - vegan bloggers, blogs for vegans, blogs by vegans, etc - that follow the same criterea I've written above, so even if you're interested in a blog on a different subject it may help you to just make a mental note of the things I mentioned above.
Now, about blogging itself: a really amazing resource for blogging on any topic is ProBlogger. The writer is very, very knowledgable and has great tips on how to get more comments, generate more traffic, & make money from your blog, as well as beginner's tips that honestly are helpful at any stage of your blog's life. Really, anything I can say as far as blogging tips would just be repeating his advice &he says it better anyway! So go check it out, definitely.
A few notes for once you've created you blog:
  • Post often. If you can, everyday is great - if not, at least 1 - 3 times a week, especially when you're new.
  • Use tags! Especially if you're on wordpress - a huge amount of my views have been people within wordpress searching "lolita," "fashion," and "daily outfit."
  • Promotion. Very important. Personally I comment on other lolita blogs, crosspost my daily outfits here and on daily_lolita with a link to the post here, and promote on my journal and other websites, but I know Victoira Suzanne has had an immense amount of luck promoting on egl. Another good tool is Twitter, &don't forget the value of word-of-mouth!
  • Make sure you have a niche, & there is a need for you in that niche. Honestly, unless you have a unique knowledge on your subject, who needs ANOTHER technology or food or _______ blog? Luckily the lolita blogosphere is still relatively small, so anyone who wants to get into loli-blogging, do it now! Vix & I both expect a boom in our mini-blogosphere- you heard it here first! Jump on the train before it becomes a bandwagon
  • Make sure you have enough to talk about! Sure, you could run a blog cataloging candy prints in lolita's biggest brands, but what if next season is all about flowers, or rabbits, or...? It's good to be focused, but make sure you have a broad enough topic that it'll keep you & your readers intersted.
My favorite lolita blogs are on the sidebar to the right, but that's just the beginning. Searching "lolita" on Wordpress is a really good way to find more if you're interseted in seeing other examples. I hope this has helped anyone who's interested in joining the league of loli-bloggers, &if you already have a lolita blog, please post it in the comments! I'd love to check it out - always in search of new blogs!


  1. I like the stickers on the laptop, they're creative.

  2. This is great advice. I just started and I haven't tagged anything (oops...) ♥



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