Monday, December 23, 2013

Operation: LoliBlog is now on Pinterest +Outfit Teaser

That's right, Operation: LoliBlog now has its own Pinterest board devoted to cataloging blogging tips and resources specifically for lolita bloggers. The loveliest fonts, the sweetest social media icon packs, and also practical advice applicable for bloggers of all types and experience levels- all of this and more will be yours care of my lolita fashion blogging pin board!

And that isn't my only Pinterest-related piece of news over here on Her Lumpiness! Try hovering over this teaser for my next outfit post:
Teaser outfit photo for my most recent gothic lolita coordinate

You can now pin images from any post by hovering over the image, and clicking the circular "P" button in the top left corner. It's already been very convenient for me, so I hope all of you can make good use of it, too! Here's a great place to start trying it out.

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