Thursday, May 19, 2011

50 Tidbits of Advice for Lolitas

Miss Lumpy's Rules for Life

  1. Eat lots of fruit and drink plenty of water
  2. Create an amazing facial care regime of exfoliater, cleanser, toner, and moisturizer with SPF
  3. Observe nature and the universe
  4. Read The Secret Garden
  5. Pick flowers and thank the universe for their loveliness
  6. Love someone today
  7. Experiment with everything and anything that makes you happy
  8. Wear lipgloss- or don't, because nobody's really looking closely enough to care
  9. Eat a lot of things that make you feel amazing
  10. Listen to beautiful music created by talented men and woman
  11. Carry a camera and take pictures of the things around you
  12. Go for a stroll today
  13. Sit in the sunlight for at least fifteen minutes a day
  14. Plant a garden
  15. Make hot chocolate
  16. Bake
  17. Create
  18. Every time you get any amount of money, put 10% of it into a savings account. Don't touch it.
  19. Learn self-defense, because the world isn't always as beautiful as you are
  20. Wear red lipstick
  21. Smile at other beautiful girls, and occasionally at beautiful boys (maybe!)
  22. Learn a new skill this year, and keep at it until you perfect it
  23. Kiss your friends
  24. Free yourself from someone who has hurt you
  25. Kiss and tell
  26. Turn your cellphone off for a whole week- better yet, turn off your computer, too.
  27. Ask someone who inspires you who they are inspired by
  28. Make new friends
  29. Buy a few perfumes and wear them on special occasions- or whenever you feel like it
  30. Eat spinach
  31. Take vitamins
  32. Learn to ice skate
  33. Read Poe. Read Thoreau. Read Whitman or anyone else who urges you to observe the world around you.
  34. In fact, read anything on Project Gutenberg
  35. Memorize your favorite poems so you can recite them on command
  36. Why bother being negative? It'll only make you sadder and drain your energy. Instead, replace every other negative thought with a positive one (because replacing EVERY thought is a bit of a jump!)
  37. Forgive often, but never forget
  38. Live for yourself, because in the grand scheme of things, no one else REALLY matters
  39. Get a tattoo
  40. Drink good wine
  41. Once in a while, pick someone in your life and show them how much they mean to you
  42. Wish upon a star
  43. Do a research paper, even if no one will ever grade it
  44. Stay up to watch the sun rise at least once a year
  45. Go to sleep to birdsong
  46. Keep a potted plant and talk to it when you're lonely
  47. Sing along really, really loudly to wildly inappropriate songs
  48. Do your nails if you feel like it; match them to your coordinate so you feel like a princess even after you've taken it off.
  49. Find something to fight for
  50. Remember that, no matter what, you are beautiful, strong, and capable of handling everything the universe gives you.

    [this entirely-for-fun post partially inspired by these articles at F Yeah Lolita]

    [also- today is my birthday! Happy 22nd to me!!]

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