Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Decor: Dorm Decor Snaps

My first semester of college, in fall 2009, marked my first time living in a dorm. Despite that semester being one of my most difficult times emotionally, I probably had more fun in that room and love for it than any I've ever experienced (having an amazing roommate helped). I had really jumped on the idea of the "lolita dorm room" that semester, too- Kamikaze Girls poster, floral quilt, cupcake bedsheets. Then, after that, the annoyance of moving so many things in and out so often meant that some things got left behind, priorities were changed, and some things just didn't seem as important at the moment- like decorating a room I was only in two or three days a week because of my work schedule. Having a roommate I didn't know well last semester who kept her walls completely barren made me feel a little awkward about decorating my own space, as well, so I spent those months with only a few art prints and a decorated white board on my walls.

This was, apparently, entirely unacceptable, though. My next-door neighbors are almost like two more roommates, with how much time I spent with them this past fall, and when it came time to move out again in December, I took it very seriously when they told me we had to talk. Lily, one of the sweetest girls I've ever met, said to me, "Aly, we really need to talk to you.... about your room. You need to get some posters or pictures or something, because it's so sad to be in there. It looks like a jail cell." It was certainly an intervention, and part of me felt even more ashamed for leaving my lolita self at home in my closet, instead of embracing it like I had the year before.

So, here's how I'm changing that! These are some pictures of the little vanity I set up for myself on my dresser.

My dresser, with my two new posters: The map of Manhattan was on sale at Ikea (normally I wouldn't go with something so drably-colored), and the "SMILE" one I made myself. Since I knew going into it that this semester would be a struggle, I made myself this cute reminder to "SMILE: you can do this," including everything I have to smile about (lolita, friends, Amaranth Opulent). That white box to the left is where I keep my AO jewelry.

 Make-up, face wipes, blue toile ribbon board (thrifted for $2!), jewelry, and a framed BABY postcard (which you might recognize from here)
 BABY postcard, shimmer lotion from Victoria's Secret, and jewelry (that pink one is actually an AO piece that I still haven't gotten around to photographing and posting! I love it so much that I want to make sure the product pictures are perfect)

My planner from Kinokuniya snuck into this pic because it matched so well! It also has a map of the Tokyo subway system in the back- hello, indispensable! Also showing off my baroque-print accessory box and read heart-shaped mirror from Ikea.

And here are two quick shots of my desktop:
 Here I have my Target princess lamp, a silhouette I made of myself, a very sweet birthday card from my friend Martha, a framed quote ("When it hurts too much, take solace in the fact that not only did you survive-- you thrived," my life motto for a while), and the gorgeous vintage business card holder my bought me. You can also see the rings that were included in my birthday gift from Martha, and a sketch of another silhouette for a project in the works. On the wall you can also just see the corner of my Amaranth Opulent poster (yes, I got a poster printed up. I'm such a dweeb!)


These are just a few snaps- I took more, but for some reason my camera and computer were in a bit of a tiff and refused to upload the rest. Consider this a teaser-post for the article I'll eventually write about dorm life for the lolita!

ALSO! Heads up, anyone in CT or the surrounding areas! I'll be attending U-Con at Uconn this weekend, and so should you! I'm going to be hosting a panel on Friday with my friend Rebecca called "University Lolita," about making your lolita lifestyle work at school. Please come see it! ♥

PS the Second: Look at this adorable sprite my friend Savannah made me! ♥ ♥ ♥

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