Friday, January 7, 2011

Operation LoliBlog: 5 Reasons Why Lolitas Should Blog

I'm not going to lie- blogging is not easy. Sure, some people have a knack for it, like anything, but for most of us, it's practically a full-time job. There's a lot more to it than just typing up an article, though of course that's largely the most important. However, any good blogger needs to have an arsenal of other skills that they're constantly honing for their blog, such as planning, marketing, keeping deadlines, sometimes graphic design, as well as people skills and a whole barrel of other traits. So why would anyone bother? In my opinion, anyone would benefit from writing a blog, but lolitas specifically. Here are just a few reasons why, as a lolita, you should consider making the leap into Loli Blogger:
  1. Catalog your lolita experience. This is the best part of blogging, for me. When I went through my older articles recently, I remembered things that had once seemed such an intrinsic part of lolita but had since slipped by the wayside. It's the same with outfit photos - it's so interesting to look back and pictures from my sweet lolita days and realize how much my style has changed, even if my wardrobe hasn't necessarily!
  2. Build up a knowledge base for newer lolis. This is such an amazing way to pay it forward. When we first started out, all of us needed inspiration and knowledge and even just someone to keep us updated on current events. I'm currently looking for new ways to write for both seasoned lolitas and newbies- Back in MY day, blogging was nowhere near as big as it is today, so it would make me really happy to give new girls the resource I was looking for when I first started.
  3. Create an identity. This may not be the biggest selling point for some girls, but I feel like those lolitas who really break the mold (brolis, or highly pierced lolitas, or those with tattoos) do such a wonderful service by having their own blog. The lolita community tends to be so monotone that any break from the norm can be a welcome relief. It's also so interesting to me to see how something we think is so in-the-box can be interpreted in such creative ways by other people. Sure, that's what websites like daily_lolita are for, but I feel like blogging does a much better job of getting rid of anonymity and creating a recognizable identity within the lolita sphere.
  4. Make friends! This is such a huge reason for me! I've met so many lovely people through my blog and other peoples'. Any time I get a new follower, I click on their profile and check out their blog if they have one- yes, every time! I always get so sad if they don't have one, because I love discovering new blogs and bloggers all the time.
  5. Give back to the community. I've been alluding to this one throughout this post, and that's because it's probably the top reason I think lolitas should start blogging. From the first millisecond we find interest in lolita, we begin compiling a mental database of all the knowledge we will need throughout our careers as lolitas, a database which is hopefully always expanding. This information is also filtered through our own experiences, so even though everyone knows that the hime cut is a classic lolita hairstyle, you can still create an interesting article based on your own experiences with a topic usually considered so common-place, and to me, that's the true joy of both reading and writing lolita blogs.

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