Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Rallying Cry: Darker-Skinned Lolitas!

Don't get me wrong, I love porcelain skin as much as the next girl, and there's a certain ethereal beauty about skin that naturally looks like it's never been kissed by the sun. However, since it's summertime, that's not realy a luxury all of us can afford while still enjoying our time off (if you're lucky enough to have it - I'm still in school and of course working, sigh), and what about those girls who just don't naturally have pale skin? They're just as beautiful and inspirational, and I love seeing pictures of girls with all different skintones in lolita. So I'm making it official, an official call to the universe: Where are all my tan lolitas, my girls with naturally mocha, caramel, or espresso skin? Granted, I may not fall into this category myself, but dammit, I'm sick of monotone lolita! Let's see some variety~

All of the above photos from my wonderful facebook friends (or creeper'd from their daily_lolita accounts): Aria, Jesi, Amber, Angela, and Rashanda ♥ Keep being beautiful and inspiring, girls! Readers: Do you have any pics of amazing tan or dark-skinned lolitas? Post them in the comments!


  1. I love the way dark skinned lolitas look. There is a whole different range of aesthetics that fair skinned lolitas cant tap into but I also think that pail skinned lolis get a lot of flack. It seems like to me when ever dark skinned lolis get praised there is frequently some sort of comment selling short fair skinned. Dark skin rocks and you dont have to worry about sun burn as much but dont drag down the other side.

    P.s This is to you miss lumpy, its in general you didnt say anything selling short pale skin. I ranted a little. -_-'

  2. I dunno. To me, lolita is lolita, regardless of skin tone. A girl with a good coordination skills, who took care to make sure that she took a good picture of her outfit, is really all I need to see to be happy. Whether she's black or white or brown or purple makes no difference.

    That last girl has adorable style.

    (Well, okay. How awesome would a purple-skinned lolita be, especially if the purple was the same lilac as in her coord?)

  3. My city is quite multicultural and one of my friends got photographed by a street fashion blogger while in lolita ^_^

  4. I agree, it would be dull if we were all porcelain pale and darker skinned lolis are so beautiful. All those ladies are stunning. I like my own naturally super pale skin, but I think everyone is beautiful when they don't try to force their body to do something it doesn't want (like in this case whitening creams or tanning lotions etc.). It's amazing what we will do to change our skin...

    Really skin tone shouldn't matter, if you co-ord is lovely, you look lovely in it <3

  5. Heck yes! I'm Cherokee and that definately leaves me out of the porceline girls!
    I love the pictures of the girls you got, they're beautiful :)

  6. Nice post--these girls are gorgeous!
    I personally think that any and every skin tone can look good with lolita.
    @ Andrea: I totally agree. People need to stop trying to change what they look like and make the most of whatever colour their skin is :)

  7. Good post, keep rallying! You know I don't know much about lolita beyond what you and Victoria have taught me, but it is nice to see darker skin included. It's hard enough for nonwhite, darker skinned girls to live up to the tall/skinny/white/blonde ideals that our society has, so I'm glad that everyone can be accepted in a community that's all about self-expression.

    And by the way, all of those girls pictured look fabulous!

  8. Aaah! That girl in the third photo is SO cute! I love how she styled her hair, it's great to see Lolitas rocking natural curls.

    I definitely agree that anyone can look good in Lolita regardless of their skin tone. It shouldn't be a matter of argument. People should be proud of their natural skin tone, and, like Spiffykidd said, make the most of it.

    I'm afraid I'm in the distinctly monotone crowd too - but I have an excuse, I just can't tan. xD I go like a beetroot, then back to pasty white after about a week.
    I'd love to be able to get a tan, maybe even try your recommendation for bronzers for a bit of a glow, but even the very palest bronzers I try look a bit like I tripped in a dry puddle-- so I'm pretty much stuck admiring from afar.

    Purple-skinned Lolita. Wow. I kind of want to break out my lilac eyeshadow and powder myself up just for the coordination potential now! (Preferably in private, though.)

  9. Wow what a wonderful post... they were all beautiful, and a nice change.

  10. Yes! Finally! I'm a black Lolita, and I think it's finally time for us to be recognized! You can see my pictures here:

    I think being a black Lolita comes with a lot of different challenges than normal. For example, a lot of us are just naturally more curvaceous than our paler counterparts, and therefore finding the appropriate brands, styles, and colors is difficult.

    There's also this issue of hair. I just recently decided to get dread locks, simply because it's the healthier decision for my hair. My new challenge is to incorporate the dreads into my Lolita style.

    Miss Lumpy, I'm so glad that you decided to make this post. It really brings a smile to my face to know that there is someone out there who thinks that us darker skinned girls are just as beautiful and elegant as other Lolitas. Thank you!

  11. I personally love every skin color! Not many people have naturally white skin, not many people have naturally tanned skin, either. I don't wear Lolita, but I love seeing Lolitas in every skin colour. (That sounded a little creepy!) Not just lolita, but any style of clothing really. I think every skin colour looks gorgeous. Especially if you know the colours to make it work with your color.

  12. i'm naturally tan for someone living here in the north, a lot tanner than any of my friends even during the winter. And in the summer my skin gets even darker. And yes, to be honest, i'd love my skin to be a beautiful light shade too like everyone else around me, because like you said, there's something really ethereal beauty about it. Sometimes i'd like to feel ethereal like that, but then again, i'm just not the ethereal or elegant type i guess; i always make dorky poses or smiles, and trying to look any different just makes me look... awkward. But that's the way i am.

    (eh ramble ramble about myself even though i just wanted to say that i enjoyed your post!)

  13. Of course I love this post <3 (And the pic you used of me is one of my favorites, I want to take more pictures in front of epic churches xD)

    I want to see more and more lolitas of different skin colors and ethnicities, diversity in the fashion is great to see. But of course the fashion shouldn't be focused on skin or cultures, but overall being fabulous and being who you really are :3

  14. it is beautiful to see all kinds of lolitas. I hate when it's thought of as a cookie cut ideal, in a mixing pot world.

  15. Hey Aly! Thank you for using the picture of me <3

    I love that darker skinned girls are getting some love. Lolita fashion is unlimited :)

  16. Haha!I love that I am cheesing like a superdork in this photo, but I usually am anyway! This post has inspired me to do a super diverse lolita photo shoot. I think it would be so much fun to have a bunch of girls from different ethnic backgrounds looking elegant and cheesing it up together!
    Thanks sweet stuff!

  17. Power to the brown people!! <3

  18. Hooray for beautiful darker tones. I am not a lolita, but I am getting into Loli's older vampiric cousin Aristocrat; don't see many darker skinned Aristos either, so I'm gonna give it my all [though I am mixed].

    Beautiful pictures, and fairer skinned Lolitas, I don't diss you for a second. Your passion for your fashion will transcend skin tone in my eyes.

  19. I have to say I really appreciated this post. (I realize I'm just now reading it after half a year of being posted- gomen! >.<)

    I, myself, as a dark-skinned lolita. Moreover, I'm a strange mix of ethnicities- half filipino and half indian. Not only that but I've never met or seen another lolita. Which leaves me constantly feeling out of place and self-conscious about fitting in.

    While finding dark-skinned lolitas is sometimes more difficult, there are those identifiable groups like black lolitas, latina lolitas and hijaabi lolitas that band together easily. I fear I may never come across another "chimeric" lolita like myself. And while many of the lolita clothes don't look quite as good on me, I still feel absolutely giddy!

    I absolutely adore lolita but have only worn an outfit in public twice because I can't bear to think of the judging stares I may receive. But recently, I have tried to seriously adopt a mindset of "who cares what others think" and "if I feel amazingly cute in what I'm wearing, I should just wear it". It's been very hard for me, especially without a friend to walk beside me and not be embarrassed, but when I DO muster up the courage to add a little lolita to my every day, I have a GREAT day.

    I really hope to coax myself into wearing lolita in public more often, and even more I hope to meet other lolitas one day!!



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